Using Computer Network Services to Bridge the Gap between Offices

Businesses rarely thrive with only one physical space; eventually, you’ll have to branch out. Not that it would be a problem, though, seeing as you’re situated along the Rio Grande in one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States. What could turn out to be a problem is keeping all of your offices sufficiently connected so that the actual physical gap barely has any effect on your operations. This is where techniques like using an efficient Albuquerque computer network service from firms like Albuquerque Image Products come in.

Connect Multiple Office

Area Networks

Here’s what Business Insider senior technology editor Dave Smith had to say about the importance of area networks:

“To connect many distant employees at once, all office locations must be able to access the same network resources. Most times, a centralized location—a “mother ship,” if you will—would house the core infrastructure needed to establish the network, such as the servers and databases. Branch offices, on the other hand, require no such infrastructure; the remote offices link to the mother ship via a specific type of connection.

Traditionally, companies used to install Wide Area Networks (WANs) to connect remote offices. WANs are used to connect LANs—Local Area Networks from disparate offices—together. However, installation and overhead of LANs and WANs is expensive.”

Business Grade Tech

Many people who are just starting to work out the technology needs of their businesses erroneously purchase consumer-grade equipment. Aside from being made in a generally lower standard than business-spec technology, computers for private users also pose a significant security risk when installed as components in a corporate environment. These dangers could lead to massive losses, or even identity theft in the worst-case scenario.

Optimized Bandwidth

It’s also important for businesses to consider not only their current bandwidth needs when choosing a provider, but also their future requirements. For one, you can predict and possibly even prevent trouble by weighing estimated network usage against potential purchases of equipment.

On-site Technicians

Failing systems and breaking equipment is pretty much inevitable in a high-intensity business environment, so to prevent massive downtime should something go wrong with your equipment, hire an IT technician to work on-site in each office. Having a specialist posted where the main server is located is especially important. This way, you won’t have to panic whenever trouble rears its head and halts your productivity.

Small businesses in particular should see to it that they utilize efficient computer network services to connect each of their offices. This way, productivity can be optimized and maintained throughout their entire system, ensuring smoother operations across the board.

(Source: The 5 Smartest Ways To Connect Multiple Offices, Business Insider)

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