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Companies that bought their computers and networking equipment more than five years ago may want to consider getting an upgrade. According to Computer Business Review, approximately 51 percent of the world’s corporate networks are currently running on obsolete equipment. This information came from a global survey conducted by the South African tech company Dimension Data:

“According to the report the percentage of obsolete devices in the corporate networks is highest in six years, which could indicate that the global financial crisis still having its shadow, forcing companies to sweat the aging network devices.

The study claimed that 27% of devices had passed their useful life and vendors had stopped providing support for these devices.”

The survey also says one reason many companies insist on using outdated equipment is they would rather not spend money for an upgrade. This is hardly the optimum way of doing business as obsolete networking devices not only are less efficient but are also more prone to malfunction, damage, and hacking attempts—things that can jeopardize corporate interests. Business looking to upgrade their hardware would do well to consider computer networking services from a trusted document management company like Albuquerque Image Products in New Mexico that offers sales and lease of basic office equipment like printers and scanners.

more than half of corporate network equipment is obsolete

As the name implies, a computer network is essentially a system that consists of multiple computers and devices. Its main purpose is to improve efficiency at the workplace by performing a variety of functions, ranging from file sharing, to instant messaging, to wireless printing. While this system should be foolproof in theory, the reality is that a computer network can easily fall into tatters if so much as one component fails to work properly. Glitches in the network, for example, can result in the transmission of bad or corrupted data, which in turn can cause certain programs installed on other computers to crash. Such a problem can be attributed to a software problem, malfunctioning hardware, or, as Dimension Data suggests, obsolete equipment.

Reliable Albuquerque computer network services can prevent such a scenario by creating a failsafe of-sorts that can isolate the rest of the network from a disruption. Updating the network protocols also guarantees that only some computers are connected to each other at any given time. These solutions require the best and the latest in computer hardware and software, which means an upgrade is in order. After all, no business would want to be part of the 51 percent that languishes in obsolescence.


(Source: More than half of corporate network equipment is ‘obsolete’, Computer Business Review, June 27, 2014)

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