Printer Leasing, Centralized Setup Prevent Small Budgets from Breaking

Faced with a tight budget this 2015, the Albuquerque school district started imposing limits on the number of printouts schools can produce, at 1,200 per student. Teachers protested against the policy, saying that it conflicts with the Common Core Standards of preparing students for the competitive world. The district administration had to look for Plan B—fast.

Centralized Printing

The Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) instructed its members to send printing jobs to the Lincoln Complex. This centralized printing system, according to Jon Swedien of the Albuquerque Journal, managed to keep district expenses within the $2.7 million budget.

APS may have pulled off an Okanagan. This school district in Kelowna, British Columbia, like most school districts in the U.S. and Canada, have been forced to make ends meet. As soon as it implemented centralized printing, it saw printout volumes drop by 20 percent. In addition, much of its output saved on paper by printing on both sides.

By implementing a unified printing system, a school district or any related entity can save on the costs of printing supplies. After all, managing the supply chain for individual printers from different brands would be a logistics nightmare. The entity can instead choose a uniform line of printing supplies and equipment to keep operations and maintenance manageable.

Of course, no system is without its risks; take, for example, a centralized system’s vulnerability to printer failures and down time. If the central unit doesn’t function as intended, the entire system will suffer. For this reason, the switch to centralized printing requires due consideration by anyone who desires its benefits.

To this end, any organization in need of centralized printing solutions can turn to a reputable printer leasing company. For a minimal fee and a set duration, clients can take advantage of top-of-the-line printers they could otherwise not afford to purchase, as well as professional maintenance and technical support services. All the lease demands of the lessee is that apart from ensuring regular payments, all problems must be reported immediately.

Albuquerque printer leasing services, like what Albuquerque Image Products has to offer, allows clients to access topnotch names like Copystar. These printers are designed to maximize productivity without compromising print quality, making them a staple in the workplace. A few units will be more than enough to cover most mass printing needs.

(Source: “Centralized printing helps APS to keep costs under control,” Albuquerque Journal, January 9, 2015)

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