Leasing Services

Business finance solutions

Albuquerque Image Products’ financial solutions are designed to help you grow your business, whatever your size or geographical scope. The company will help you to free-up your capital and improve your cash flow. Unlocking financial potential tied up in assets such as your fleet, IT or even invoices. With products for everything from leasing, factoring and inventory finance to accounts receivable financing, purchase order programs and floor planning.

Printer Leasing

Printers are some of the costliest pieces of office equipment to acquire, mainly due to their delicate hardware. Even after they are purchased, office printers continue to demand investment from their owners since they need ink and other supplies to keep running. It is also equally pricey to have an office printer repaired when it begins to malfunction, and replacing the faulty device while it is relatively new will not be a profitable thing to do.

Albuquerque Image Products can help businesses that lack the means to obtain and maintain printers of their own. The company offers Albuquerque businesses the opportunity to sign up for convenient printer leasing services. With a lease arrangement, the company allows its clients to borrow the printers while only charging a reasonable fee.

Why Lease Printers?

There are significant advantages to leasing a printer instead of outright purchasing the entire device. The most obvious of these reasons is that it is far more affordable to lease a printer for a particular period of time rather than to purchase one. Such an advantage would be useful for small companies with limited budgets that do not have to use printers as much as larger corporations do.


Another benefit of leasing a printer is that it allows the owners to use printing devices they normally cannot afford if they chose to purchase them normally. Printers with additional functions and features are more expensive than regular units, particularly if they are considered top-of-the-line. Thus, Albuquerque businesses can get the most out of a high-quality multifunctional printer leasing arrangement without having to spend an arm and a leg for it.

Printer lease contracts usually cover for the maintenance of the devices, and Albuquerque Image Products is no exception. The company will cover for the upkeep and repairs of their devices as needed, so that businesses do not have to trouble themselves over it. With Albuquerque Image Products managing their own devices, the company’s clients can be assured of immediate response and equipment support.

Albuquerque Image Products is a document management and office solutions company that serves the New Mexico area. With over 23 years of experience, the company seeks to support local businesses that have trouble managing their own documents or who severely lack the right equipment. For more information on the company’s products and services, visit the Contact page for details or call (505) 881-6266 for Sales concerns, or (505) 881-6266 for Service issues.

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