Office Printer Leasing Guide: Tips and Info on Leasing Office Printers

If your budget is not enough to buy a printer, you have the option to rent one. Buying brand-new office printers for business applications will require a large amount of money upfront, and leasing might be a good option to allay these costs. While it may seem practical to buy new printers in the long run, there are also ways to save significant amounts of money when renting printing equipment.

Printer Leasing

Budgeting and Operation Costs

Buying a brand-new printer may force you to shell out several hundred dollars depending on its quality, and you might need more than one of this equipment. Office printer leasing costs are definitely lower compared to buying new printers. If you choose to rent, you will also be able to use the remainder of your budget for other purposes such as supplies, advertising, or personnel.

Aside from money saved from reduced startup expenses, you can also plan and manage your cash flow more accurately when leasing printing equipment. Since lease arrangements are fixed and not affected by interest rates, you can easily budget business operation costs. Also, renting office printers will reduce your tax bills as you can declare lease payments as business expenses.

Upgrading to the Latest Technology

Technology is always changing and updating your equipment can be costly. You can wait until your printers are obsolete before upgrading, but if you’ve got a good lease agreement, you will be able to upgrade your equipment without significant expense and as often as you see fit.

To save more on equipment costs and upgrades, you should look into multifunction printers. This type of printer is a scanner, printer, fax machine, document manager, PDF writer, and photocopier combined in one machine. There are several Albuquerque multifunction printer leasing companies like Albuquerque Image Products which offer reasonable agreements for this type of equipment to help local businesses fulfill their printing requirements.

Leasing vs. Purchasing

Buying new printers will tie your capital onto assets that depreciate fast. Meanwhile, if you lease, you will be able to save money for other business opportunities or purposes. If you’re still not sure, you can always ask for advice from your accountant on how you can effectively reduce equipment costs.

(Source: Printer Leasing – Advice Guide, Club Copying Company Limited)

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