Need Printer Leasing Services? Benefits of Leasing Office Equipment

Businesses are always on the lookout for trusty equipment like printers and scanners.  While many opt to buy their own office equipment, others choose Albuquerque printer leasing services, instead. The question of buying versus leasing equipment is commonly contested, but in the long run, both offers certain conveniences.  Here are some advantages that equipment leasing offers: 

To Lease or Not to Lease

Return Option

If you buy a brand new printer, and discovered too late that it’s actually damaged, it could be difficult for you to return it, if you could at all. However, if you only leased the equipment in the first place, it’s just a simple matter of asking the lessor to give you a more functional one to use for your printing needs.

Conserves Capital

In the long run, leasing equipment only when you need it is much more cost-efficient than buying one that will only end up sitting and gathering dust in the corner of your room for most part of the year. This way, you can save up on space in your office, as well as on capital costs for purchase and maintenance needs, including purchase of ink, toner, and other necessary components.


Entrepreneur writer Nancy Mann Jackson points out the misunderstood notion of getting loans for equipment leases:

While bank financing remains elusive for many small businesses, lease financing is a viable, but little understood, alternative. “So many business owners think they have to go to a local bank [to get a loan], and they’re surprised to find there are all these leasing companies out there, financing $500 billion-plus in business equipment each year,” says Ralph Petta, interim president of the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association.

In fact, small businesses use computers, trucks, furniture, factory machinery, airplanes and other types of equipment that were purchased through lease financing. For many of these companies, leasing is not just an alternative to a bank loan or credit card debt; it’s a deliberate financing strategy. 

Tax Benefits

Did you know that leasing a printer or other office equipment could be tax deductible? You can tag it up as business expense, which allows you to claim up to 40% of the printer’s lease value against tax in the first year, and 25% on the outstanding balance thereafter. This can be even more beneficial if you don’t have to pay the entire value upfront in the first place.

Look for reliable printer leasing companies in your area, such as Albuquerque Image Products that could help you with your computer equipment needs. Remember that when choosing equipment to use, purchasing one isn’t always the best option.


(Source: To Lease or Not to Lease,Entrepreneur)

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