Know the Benefits of Printer Leasing Over Buying for Small Businesses

When a business needs printers, the first thing that comes to mind is buying it. Sometimes, though, the better option is to lease it.

Leasing has many benefits and is cost-effective as well. Printers are expensive, especially the models that have fax, scan, and photocopy functions, and this doesn’t take into consideration the ink and toner that are needed. So, businesses that need occasional or short-term printing tasks should consider printer leasing instead of buying. Below are a few of the benefits of printer leasing:

Know the Benefits of Printer Leasing Over Buying for Small Businesses

Updated Technology

Leasing equipment such as printers ensures that the tech is up-to-date. For example, having a printer on a one-year lease means after the time has expired, the owner may choose to continue with the unit or switch to a newer one, if that is an option with the provider. This is perhaps the number one benefit of leasing.

No Large One-Time Fee

In terms of cost, printers are usually paid in monthly installments over the duration of the contract, which is much better than a large up-front fee which businesses, especially small ones, may struggle with.

Maintenance Bundle

Maintaining a printer can be costly, too, and various problems may arise at any time. Leased printers often come with maintenance and repair plans which ensure that any problems will be taken care of at no extra cost to the business. This gives the owner peace of mind, knowing that the business will not be slowed down by printer issues should any problems happen.

Upgrade Option

Technology changes fast these days, and printers could get added features after only a year. By leasing a printer, owners aren’t restricted to one printer in case a new model comes out. An upgrade can be arranged, often by returning the current printer and getting a new lease on the new model. This could save a lot of money and time, and the business would be up-to-speed with the latest technology.

Leasing isn’t usually an option when it comes to office tech and equipment, but it actually has its perks. Running a business comes with a lot of expenses, and printers could be a big part of that. Businesses in Albuquerque needing multifunction printer leasing can get in touch with companies like Albuquerque Image Products which provides printers for lease at an affordable price.

(Source: Should You Lease or Buy Your Tech Equipment, Entrepreneur, January 12, 2010)

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