In Need of Computer Network Services? Planning a Dedicated Server Room

As your Duke City business grows, so will your need for reliable equipment and efficient Albuquerque computer network services from firms like Albuquerque Image Products. As the number of computers and server equipment increase, eventually you will need to build a dedicated server room to stash away all your digital needs and equipment for proper space and  document management. Thus, it’s important that you plan the layout of your room properly.

Is your Office Ready for a Dedicated Server Room

Safety and Security

First of all, you should make sure to keep your server room safe and secure from infiltration, be it from outsiders or from unauthorized personnel within your office. Invest in some quality combination lock or perhaps a keycard access to keep the place locked up tight. The security and preservation of your sensitive documents rely on the precautions you take to secure your server room.

Good Air Conditioning

Be sure that your server room is always kept at optimal temperature to keep it from overheating, so you should buy a quality air conditioning system that can maintain its temperature and keep your computer equipment cool. Cooling that is not maintained can cause your servers to overheat, and inevitably, damage them. 

Size Needs writer Scarlet Pruitt advises that you should consider both the present and future size needs when planning out your server room:

In setting up your server room, the first decision you have to make is size. The room has to hold your servers and related equipment, such as tapes or disks for backups, fans, and extra parts. Remember: Do NOT keep your backup system and data in the server room! These should be stored in a separate location in case of a fire, flood, or other disaster. 

Also, make sure that you leave room to grow. Once you get all of your equipment in one location, you don’t want to have to move it or pay for the construction of a new server room if you decide to add more machines. 

Remote Access

Be sure that your server has remote accessibility so you can troubleshoot any problems easily and with efficiency. One good way you can achieve this is with out-of-band access, as it offers redundancy and efficient monitoring, thus ensuring that you get better security features.

Make sure that you plan your server room’s layout well, so you never have to run the risk of having your system be in constant need of repairs. Moreover, investing in reliable computer network services should also help you make sure that your office network remains in tip-top-shape.


(Source: Is Your Office Ready for a Dedicated Server Room?,AllBusiness)

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