How Albuquerque Multifunction Printer Leasing Benefits Businesses

According to The American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research, the cost of printer ink typically exceeds the cost of the printer itself throughout its useful service life. In addition, the cost of printing per page varies according to printer brand and model. Consequently, a difference of a few pennies could add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year. In short, businesses these days need to manage their printing costs well in relation to their operating expenses as a whole.

Not surprisingly, quite a number of businesses with limited resources see fit to take advantage of printer leasing services rather than acquire their own printers. Among other things, this option allows businesses to utilize top-of-the-line printers they could otherwise not afford to purchase. The Houston Chronicle cites another rather compelling reason for businesses to lease, rather than buy, printers:

Preserve Working Capital

When you lease a printer instead of buying it outright, you avoid the potentially large initial outlay of an equipment purchase. If you finance your acquisition with a bank loan, you’ll be asked for a 10 to 20 percent down payment. A lease may stipulate payment of the first and last months’ installments before the lease term begins, but it represents a much more modest upfront investment. Preserving your business capital enables you to devote your money to other needs, such as staff growth or expansion plans. Choosing a long lease term may reduce payment amounts at the literal expense of increased total cost of ownership, however, as the sum of your payments can exceed the purchase price of the device.

What are the Benefits of Leasing Printers

Aside from the savings on capital expenditures, an Albuquerque multifunction printer leasing agreement enables businesses to multitask with greater ease for a reasonable fee. In other words, companies do not have to acquire and operate scanners or copiers separately. Additionally, businesses do not have to worry about printer maintenance as a typical printer leasing agreement covers this aspect as well.

Finally, a leasing arrangement with a trusted document management company—such as Albuquerque Image Products, for instance—makes it possible for companies to upgrade to the newest devices and keep up with technological advancements that enhance workplace productivity. In short, printer leasing makes a lot of sense for small businesses with varying printing needs and limited resources.


(Source: What Are the Benefits of Leasing Printers?, The Houston Chronicle)

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