Computer Network Services Respond to How Cloud Will Evolve in 2015

It’s already 2015. Have you fluffed your cloud lately?

Cloud computing, in the simplest sense, is Licklider’s dream on the verge of becoming a reality. This unified storage system continues to take SMEs and companies by storm (no pun intended) by making data more accessible and reducing physical server clutter. While it may look like the Internet in a nutshell, cloud computing is closer to home because even programs can be accessed remotely.

Review of Cloud

What lies in store for cloud users this year? What features and principles will benefit old proponents and entice new ones? Cloud Tech’s James Bourne sat down with several cloud experts regarding their take on the future of cloud computing and summarizes the key points as follows.

Cost No Longer Matters

Importing data to a network-based cloud solution reduces the need for additional physical storage, although cost seems an unlikely reason for the switch due to the trending hybrid framework (more on this later). For all its metaphysical nature, cloud storage is still subject to limitations, much like buying a new hard drive.

As such, businesses must concern themselves with hiring competent professionals who provide computer network services. When Microsoft and Bitcasa vied for cloud supremacy in late 2014, the term “unlimited storage” became their battleground. Even with Microsoft offering the service and Bitcasa eventually dropping it, exactly who the winner is remains unclear for reasons too long to explain.

Cloud Meets Ground

In the standard setup, every client has its own cloud. Initially, the client’s foot remains on the ground, holding onto physical storage while partly transitioning to the cloud. When experts were asked to explain hybrid cloud to a five-year-old, one explanation pointed to having access to your personal stash (i.e. local storage) and a shared one (cloud).

In the end, it would all be apples and oranges; local and virtual storage are incomparable, despite their pros and cons. Cloud lets you share the data you want to be shared, while local storage keeps data you don’t want to be shared. This match may as well be the most ideal setup for SMEs and companies right now.

This is exactly the kind of innovative Albuquerque computer network services companies such as Albuquerque Image Products offer today. Many businesses are not in a position to fully transition to cloud computing just yet, but they can begin with a few hundred gigabytes. Once technology in general evolves far beyond its present form, that’s when it’s best to reconsider.

(Source: “A review of cloud in 2014 – and what’s on the horizon for 2015,” Cloud Tech, January 5, 2015)

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