Computer Network Services—Absolute Necessity for Today’s Businesses

For many years the company had a siloed approach to backing up data, says Simon Bennett, EMEA information systems director. The local IT teams in each of the regions work as a separate entity and have control over their own individual network. This results in a variety of backup and disaster recovery systems. This increases complexity because each of these disaster recovery products had different features, different processes for backup and different contractual agreements with service providers.

But Pernod Ricard decided it was time to adopt a more streamlined and strategic approach and optimise backups and disaster recovery for its EMEA operations.

A centralised and consistent backup and disaster recovery strategy would help Pernod Ricard ensure all its business critical data is securely protected and stored offsite, according to Bennett.

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In today’s technological world, it would be ill-advised for a company not to have a document management plan in place. It doesn’t matter what industry you belong to—like Pernod Ricard, if your company relies heavily on stored computer data, you need to realize that there’s nothing more frightening than opening your computer and discovering you have no way of accessing your files. The information you can’t access could mean serious trouble for your company.

It’s critical, therefore, to not delay the implementation of a document management plan. Whether you’re the CEO of a large conglomerate, the employer of a 50- to 100-strong workforce, or a freelance businessman, you need to create a system where you can recover data easily when disaster strikes. Thus, finding the right Albuquerque computer network service to work with should be at the top of your list of business priorities.

The benefits of working with a computer network service

Depending on your choice of service, quality computer network service providers can backup your systems in near-real time or on a nightly basis, whichever you prefer. Some of the more established providers, like Albuquerque Image Products, even offer cloud computing to ensure your backup files are stored in a secure and offsite location. Talking to a service representative of these providers will inform you of your options.

It’s all about preparedness

If you want your business to thrive in its niche, you best follow Pernod Ricard’s lead and make sure your business is prepared for anything. A trusted computer network services provider like Albuquerque Image Products can help ensure that you are.

(Source: Pernod Ricard toasts centralised data backup and cloud disaster recovery, Computer Weekly, Oct. 17, 2014)

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