Albuquerque Printer Repair Company Offers PC Supplies and Peripherals

Albuquerque, New Mexico (January 23, 2013) – Albuquerque Image Products, Inc. is offering PC supplies and peripherals to their clients at affordable prices. The leading service provider of printer repair in Albuquerque offers quality service for offices that consider the printer crucial to their daily productivity.

Peripherals make things easier for computer users. Graphic tablets can help designers by increasing their productivity and improving the quality of their work. External hard drives provide extra storage for networks that are nearing capacity. An extra computer display or monitor saves time by reducing the momentum lost in switching from window to window.

Albuquerque Image is an authorized reseller of Hewlett Packard. They offer Samsung, Lexmark and Canon products as well. The company compares each option to determine which product is best suited for their clients.

Each ALB Image customer gets their own account, making it easier for the company to customize their services. This makes their purchase and service history visible to both parties, and also facilitates easier ordering process. Customers do not have to worry about privacy, as they and the company are the only ones who can see their account.

The company mainly services businesses that have faulty multi-function printers. To extend their service, they have toner, inkjet supplies and data storage available to ensure that clients have their daily requirements even when the printer is working properly. Through their products and services, the business continues to strive to be the premiere Albuquerque imaging authority.

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About Albuquerque Image Products, Inc.

ALB Image has a full service and repair department that visits clients from Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM to keep printers and other peripherals in good working condition. Aside from their website, they may be contacted through phone at (505) 881-6266.

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