Albuquerque Imaging Company Improves Services with mpsSELECT Program

Albuquerque, New Mexico (December 17, 2013) – Albuquerque Image Products, Inc. (Albimage) recently began a strategic partnership with printing and imaging hardware distributor Supplies Network to boost their Managed Print Services (MPS) through the mpsSELECT program. The program will help the trusted Albuquerque imaging company increase their industry knowledge and develop their MPS to enhance their customers’ experience.

The Albimage staff will undergo the mpsSELECT training in a detailed manner complete with systematic procedures to ensure an in-depth understanding in all aspects of the program. Follow-up support and continuous consultations from Supplies Network will be available for a smooth transition towards a more effective business model. Furthermore, the distributor will consider the current factors affecting the services of the company to come up with the most suitable program possible.

The new MPS program features Data Collection, which gives the company direct access to some of the leading data collection software solutions like PrintFleet™ or FMAudit™, without any start up cost. To promote a more responsive service, it includes a Supply Management System and Service Monitoring to notify the company whenever their customers require device replenishment or repairs.

Setting their services in motion, the Service Desk enables customers to place service calls via a toll-free number or online web portal to save valuable time for both the company and their clients. For better accountability, the Supply Routing Label tracks all of the company’s devices. Additionally, the program includes a Cost-Per-Image Service that enables the company to arrive at an image cost faster and provide fair and accurate proposals, among others.

Established as an all-inclusive printer supply store, Albuquerque Image Products carries an extensive selection of printing solutions that are compatible with different machines from leading brands such as HP, Samsung, Canon, and Lexmark. To learn more about their products and services, visit today.

About Albuquerque Image Products, Inc.

The company offers quality printers, cartridges, and printing accessories at competitive prices. They also provide reliable printer repair for Albuquerque customers who are having problems with their inkjet and laser printers, fax machines, and copiers, to name a few.

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