Albuquerque Imaging Company Expands Scanning Medical Records Service

Albuquerque, New Mexico (April 8, 2013) – Albuquerque Image Products Inc., an Albuquerque imaging company, is further expanding their services in scanning medical records. The company is known in the area as a printer supply store providing a wide range of product like printer cartridges.

This service scans medical records into digital forms. This is very useful as both hospitals and households can keep better track of medical expenses and the like. With the technological revolution, many important things have shifted into the digital realm. Many people keep scanned copies of important documents on their smartphones or gadgets as physical documents can get torn or ruined.

Another advantage of this service is that it can save so much space. Hospitals do not need a large file cabinet system as these can be stored on a computer. Adding to that, searching for documents is a little faster and requires less effort as the computer does all the hard work. The company’s service can help many businesses save time and space.

The company also offers their services in printer repair in Albuquerque. It is important for many businesses to have fully functional printers at any given time. Businesses are in luck as they also have a service and repair department. The team there is made up of well trained professional technicians that are able to finish repairs efficiently. Their expertise is not limited to one brand or type of printer as they are qualified and competent in providing repairs. They also repair copiers and even fax machines.

Many businesses rely on the products and services that Albuquerque Image has to offer. Their wide range of products and professional services are vital to many different business types. Some of their clients include Souder Miller & Assoc., Berger Briggs, and New Mexico PCS. For more information, visit

About Albuquerque Image Products Inc.

Albuquerque Image Products offers a complete selection of printers and printer parts. Alongside their products, they provide services like printer repair and the scanning of medical records. Call them today at (505) 881-6266.

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