Albuquerque Image Products Offers Reliable Computer Network Services

Albuquerque, New Mexico (May 5, 2014) – Albuquerque Image Products is offering reliable computer network services for offices. Using fully-integrated solutions, the company provides comprehensive IT network design and a wide-range of maintenance services to meet the needs of their clients.

Companies have different requirements when it comes to building their computer network, which may involve creating a network infrastructure that will last long, redesigning for wireless applications, or expanding virtualized environments, among others. Furthermore, companies also encounter incidents that require effective troubleshooting, and maintaining the network’s performance to help increase the stability, security, and manageability of the network.

Albuquerque Image Products covers all aspects surrounding network design and integrates the network with the other solutions they offer, depending on the nature of the business. They specialize in document management and scanning using high speed scanners for companies that use paper in large quantities. They also provide document imaging, prepping, indexing, and paper claims processing, among others.

They also offer custom work flow creation to simplify their clients’ flow of paperwork from department to department. Managed print services is also provided to optimize existing printing technologies of companies, which translate to lowered overall printing expenses, precise management and reordering of supplies, and a more efficient fleet that requires less IT interventions.

For more than two decades, Albuquerque Image Products has been providing exceptional document management for various types of companies in New Mexico. After being purchased by James and Kelly Martinez in 2011, the company further strengthened and expanded their services to cater to more customers. Some of the high quality products they offer and utilize include scanners by Canon and Fujitsu, MFPs by Copystar, and printers by Kyocera.

They also employ a team of highly-trained staff, adept at implementing document solutions and handling different kinds of printers and scanners. For more information on their products and services and latest promotions and events, visit

About Albuquerque Image Products

By offering innovative solutions like Albuquerque computer network services, they help companies become more efficient and cost-effective when it comes to document management. They are also affiliated with prestigious groups and associations like the Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Sandoval Chamber of Commerce, and the Taos County Chamber of Commerce.

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