A Need for Printer Leasing: Troubleshooting Common Printer Problems

Maintaining tech equipment in your Duke City office can be tough, especially if things like your printer seem hell-bent on not being cooperative. Of course, some of the best solutions for this are to invest in completely new equipment, or let someone else worry about equipment maintenance, through Albuquerque multipurpose printer leasing services, for instance. Nonetheless, there are things you can still do to breathe some life into your printer if it acts up in any of the following most common ways:

Common Computer Problems

Printer won’t print

If your printer flat out refuses to churn out pages like you asked it to, check your computer for error messages that might help direct you to the root of the problem. You should also ensure that connections linking your computer to the printer unit itself haven’t been detached (this should apply whether you’re using a cable LAN connection or Wi-Fi).

Web pages printed wrong

Don’t just expect to print an entire web page and have it rendered perfectly onto the paper size you’re using. You might have to capture the page (or a part of it) as an image and tweak it on a program like Microsoft Word to fit the page size you want to print it in. When all else fails, you can always just print the text and/or images out of the web page in the first place.

Printer slowing to a crawl

PC Magazine’s contributor and printer analyst Tony Hoffman wrote about what you can do if your printer happens to be slowing down:

“Some printers are cheetahs and some are sloths, but you may be able to get even a slow printer to speed up a bit. Unless you need high-quality output for a formal report or the like, print in draft mode (or whatever the lowest-quality setting is). Avoid duplex (two-sided) printing, as the printer has to flip the document over to print on both sides, which can significantly slow it down. If you can choose between printer drivers, print from a host-based or PCL driver; although PostScript drivers can print photos at higher quality, it may come at the expense of speed.”

Paper keeps getting jammed

Paper jams are among the most taxing printer problems, yet they also happen quite often, whether through careless feeding or an internal mechanical problem. Most printers will have guides for feeding the paper correctly, so be sure to have everyone operating the machine do it right. You should also make sure that the mechanism isn’t obstructed.

Printer leasing services from companies like Albuquerque Image Products can help you minimize the instances when you have to troubleshoot printer problems by offering efficient solutions and quality printers.

(Source: 10 Most Common Printer Problems Solved, PC Magazine)

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