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Computer Network Services and Office Solutions for Albuquerque Businesses

Albuquerque Image Products is a company focused on providing innovative office solutions to businesses based within the New Mexico area. For over 23 years, the company has offered high quality office equipment, equipment maintenance services, scanning management services, and comprehensive computer network services. Your office can always use higher efficiency, and Albuquerque Image Products can help you improve your productivity.

Albuquerque Image Products provides both products and services that are sure to come in handy for any workplace. The following is a list of the company’s offerings:


The company is an all-inclusive printer supply store, stocked with laser and toner cartridges from various printer brands for all your printing needs. The company also carries recycled and remanufactured printer supplies for those looking to save on their printer supply expenses. As an all-inclusive printer supplier, the company also sells printers, as well as fax machines, copiers, and scanners. Albuquerque Image Products is authorized by industry-trusted brands such as Copystar and Fujitsu as dealers, allowing it to sell licensed equipment.

Albuquerque Image Products also has printer leasing arrangements for those who need a printer but do not have the funds to fully invest in one. Allow the company to lend you a reliable printer that you can trade in anytime once you are done with it.


In addition to the company’s products, Albuquerque Image Products also provides a variety of supplementary services to further enhance your business. The company has maintenance services that you can rely on should any of your office equipment (particularly the ones you purchased from Albuquerque Image Products) malfunction. The company is certified to handle and repair most office equipment, so let their technicians assess the condition of your devices and restore (or replace) them as needed.

Albuquerque Image Products also offers scanning, archival, and document management services. If your business needs to migrate its bulk printed files into digital storage formats, you can count on Albuquerque Image Products for the job. The company will provide you with the staff, equipment, and software necessary to scan and archive all your documents, and for a fair price as well.

Moreover, the company offers local Albuquerque businesses computer network services and other specific IT solutions. Let them set up your IT infrastructure, and even introduce innovative features such as cloud computing. The company’s virtualization platforms allows you to conduct business with your workforce without having to leave your own workstation. Trust Albuquerque Image Products’ computer network service technicians to create a network that allows you to keep sensitive data firmly within your own business.